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Leonard Liesens' Colors of Endurance

photos by Leonard Liesens and Caroll Gatelier

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Shaikha Madiya in 120-km Abu Dhabi ride - Dec 2 2007

Shaikha Madiya Hasher Mana Al Maktoum of Dubai and Solid as a Rock participate in FEI 3-star 120-km UAE International Endurance Cup sponsored by Sorouh, on the 36th National Day in Abu Dhabi.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Rio Grande Ride Endurance Ride photos

Photos by to found at http://www.sherrill.smugmug.com/gallery/3845394#222479547

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Japan: Shining Moon HorseTV Video

HorseTV Videos of June 15 Shining Moon 100 Mile Ride:

Short version - including interviews for the top three riders after the ride.


Long version – 30 minutes Horse.TV regular monthly program (July) including other horse related news in Japan and studio interview with Tamotsu Sasaki, the winner of the Shining Moon ride. In Japanese only. You could still enjoy video images from this program. However, some video images in this program are the short version.


Full Event Coverage: http://www.endurance.net/international/japan/2007ShiningMoon/

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Utah: Strawberry Fields 3-Day Ride

photo: Bev Gray & Amazing Coup

View full photo Gallery by Karen Chaton:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

US: Old Warrior's Water Hunt - Annie Libby

Annie Libby Photography

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Durazno Uruguay - Cidinha Franzão


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Castlebar Endurance - Merri Melde

7 galleries from Merri's 2007 visit.

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Owyhee Tough Sucker

2007 Owyhee Tough Sucker

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Sandhill Stampede: 3-Way Tie for First

Three-way tie for first place at the Sand Hills Stampede 50-mile Ride, Patrick, South Carolina, March 17.

Sandy Thomson, (left), Lynn Kenelly (center) and Bonni Hannah (right)

photo by Genie Stewart Spears

FITS: Kanavy wins 100 mile event

Valerie Kanavy won the FITS FEI/AERC 100 on Saagre Gold in 8 hours 29
minutes. (Danielle Kanavy was second by 30 seconds on King Ali Gold;
John Crandell II on Saba Shams was third in 8 hours 53 minutes; Steve
Rojek was fourth on SmokeRise Finch with a ride time of 8 hours 55
minutes and Cheryl Van Duesen on Al Capone was next to finish in 9
hours 1 minute).

Photo by Genie Stewart Spears

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gator Crossing

Look out for the alligators at the FITS Ride! Julie Bullock's horse
is overly cautious and Debbie Bullis reacts to the quick stop.

photo by Genie Stewart Spears

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The HBFGMs on a Saturday Ride - Merri & John

by Merri Melde

2007 Scottsdale Arabian Show - by Merri

by Merri Melde

Texas Trail Challenge

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Longrider's Guild Art Museum


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2007 Warner Springs - Kevin Myers


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2007 Warner Springs - Steve Bradley