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Kentucky Die Hards November 2014

Kentucky Die Hards November 2014 photos by Peter Demott here:

The weather turned out great for the Kentucky Die Hards Endurance Ride at the Shake Village, November 22, 2014. Although it was in the teens earlier in the week, on the day of the ride it got into the upper 50s.

Entire Families Join the Fun

We always talk about how to get more people involved in endurance riding. This can certainly be a family sport. I have several videos from the vet check to share before you get to the photo gallery link below. Also find this group in the photo gallery below. Each junior rider has a sponsor rider who is older riding with them. I think that some of the grand parents helped to pit crew for the kids and brought them donuts and drinks at a nearby picnic table. The ponies were adorable and quite well-behaved.

Great weather for the riders, a bit warm for some of the very furry horses

Although it was very cold the week prior the Kentucky Die Hards Endurance Ride at Shaker Village, the day of the ride warmed up significantly into the high 50s.

Furry and Some Hot Horses

The temperatures were great for the riders, but a bit warm for some of the very furry horses. All the horses were extra furry because of the cold weather of the last several weeks and several horses were pulled from the competition at the vet checks due to slow recovery times and possible dehydration concerns. Several were tubed with electrolytes and did just fine. With temps in the upper 50s and a nice breeze most of the day, some horses just got a bit too hot and with some you could not even see that they were sweating due to their winter coats...

More here:

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2014 Grand Canyon XP - Steve Bradley


OK made it out to the "world" today and found that the internet service in Hurricane Utah is wickedly FAST!!!! Got all the photos from the Grand Canyon Scenic ride uploaded in about 20 minutes, man that is cool, close to 1300 shots taken (not counting the one's I culled). This years ride was the best it has ever been weather wise. One rider who has a lot of miles on XP rides including doing this one every year since it has been put on said it was by far the best ride weather wise ever.

The canyon shots on day one and five turned out real nice, no smoke from fires this year so I could look south and see what I think was the south rim way out there. I tried to change shooting locations on day five as there were lots of "campers" camped on the trail. I had to set up at the vet check on North Timp point and the light got real bright as the morning wore on so with the large helmet brims worn today, many faces were lost in the shadows, none the less everyone looked great and very little in the way of pulls for the whole week and nothing serious.

See Steve's photos here:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

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2014 Bar H - Lynne Glazer

2014 Bar H photos by Lynne Glazer here:

2014 Lost Padres - Lynne Glazer

2014 Lost Padres photos by Lynne Glazer here:

Tough Sucker II - Steve Bradley


Just got done uploading the photos from the Tough Sucker ride (number 2) held in the Owyhee Mountains today. It was a very good day as the clouds went away and we had blue sky's and even though it was a bit windy (OK a lot of wind) everyone had a great time. Over 40 riders took to the trail this morning and many first time riders were still smiling and laughing when they got to me. I had to shoot in two different locations as the 50's and 25 miles had split trails. All worked out and you can go view the photos here-

Good turn out for a one day ride.

Happy Trails
Steve Bradley

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