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France: Pontchateau

CEN/CEI** CEIYJ** 130 km CEI*** 2 x 100 km on November 12 and 13, 2011

Results and Photos by Brigitte Huard for November 12 here:,649,21,fr,f1.html

November 13 here:,786,21,fr,f1.html

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Abu Dhabi: Young Rider/Junior World Endurance Championship

Videos from the Young Rider/Junior World Endurance Championship in Abu Dhabi here:

Abu Dhabi: Young Rider/Junior World Endurance Championship

December 13 2011

Photos from the Young Rider/Junior World Endurance Championship in Abu Dhabi here:

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Abu Dhabi: Young Rider/Junior World Endurance Championship

December 9 2011

Photos from Abu Dhabi of the Young Rider/Junior World Endurance Championship
by various photographers
Young Rider/Junior World Endurance Championship

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NEATO 30/50 Endurance Ride - Karen Wilcox

September 19 2011

Pictures taken by Karen Wilcox from the NEATO 30/50 Endurance Ride held September 10th and 11th at LeGrand Reynolds Horse Park (Arcadia Wildlife Management Area) in Escoheague, RI:

NEATO Day 1 -

NEATO Day 2 -

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Bryce XP, Big Bear Images - Lynne Glazer and Cristy Cumberworth

September 13 2011

September's beautiful mountainous rides, one in MT, one in PS.

Big Bear 55/100

Bryce/Paunsagaunt XP: Cristy Cumberworth and I shot this together, played in the parks afterwards each day. First time for us, gorgeous terrain to wander about looking for safe and scenic shoot spots. We use the same hosting, so shopping is automagically combined.

mine, in one big lump:

Cristy's are nicely sorted into galleries for each day:

Cristy's got her scenics up too.

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Endurance Bayinbuluke, Xinjiang, China, by Leonard Liesens

4 August 2011

Endurance Bayinbuluke, Xinjiang, China, by Leonard Liesens

Photo gallery here:

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Eagle Spring Fling - Steve Bradley

May 8, 2011

Had a great time at the ride last weekend, mother nature sure treated us well with a great ride day, a few clouds but just about perfect for the horses and riders.

I just finished posting all the photos to the web page, you can find them here-

If you were unable to get with me at the ride you can go check out your photos there.

Hope everyone had a safe travel day home and if you were not able to make it to this ride, try to make it next year as the trail changes sure made people happy and the footing is great too.

Happy Trails,

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France: 2011 Uzes - Brigitte Huard

2 May 2011

CEI* 100 Km Qualifier World 7 years Championship and 130km FEI** and open and 20, 30, 40, 60 Km

Photos and complete results by Brigitte Huard here:,838,21,fr,f.html

France: 2011 Sommant - Brigitte Huard

7 May 2011

2011 Sommant 90km FEI* open limited and unlimited speed 160km FEI*** open qualifier European Senior Championship (for german and french riders)

160 Km
2 exaequo  Sabrina ARNOLD and BEAU OX
2 exaequo Vincent GAUDRIOT et OUARZIK DE PASSILLE (1srt on Sommant 130 Km 2010)

Photos by Brigitte Huard here:,807,21,en,f.html

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2011 Lost Padres - Lynne Glazer

April 28 2011

Lost Padres Proofs

Another fine Sunrise Ranch Ride, held on the beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch which is home to both cattle and fine vines. Brought home a couple of bottles of their Zin.

Cool, cloudy weather, expansive ride camp, abundant wildlife but no lupines this year. There were many wildflower varieties, but all were shorter than the lush grasses.

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France: Chateauneuf - Brigitte Huard

17 April 2011

Chateauneuf en Thymerais from 20 Km to 90 Km
Very nice old french spot, not very far south west from Paris

Photos by Brigitte Huard here:,835,21,en,f.html

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2011 New Cuyama Oaks - Lynne Glazer

Photos by Lynne Glazer here:

2011 Bar H Boogie Ride N Tie - Lynne Glazer

Photos by Lynne Glazer here:

2011 Bar H Elevator - Lynn Glazer

Photos by Lynne Glazer here:

France: 2011 Seiches Sur le Loire

Sunday April 3 2011

Photos by Brigitte Huard here:,823,21,en,f.html
and here:,593,21,fr,f.html.

Seiches Sur le Loire CEI1* 90 Km and and 20 Km to 90 Km.

CEI* : 18 starters 14 qualified. Despite Fontainebleau the previous day, Seiches sur le Loire CEI had a few more starters than in 2010. On the whole, there were 180 starters (20 more than in 2010). The raid ends on the hippodrome racecourse.

Results here:,823,21,en,f.html

VI Kaliber Andalucia - Stage 3 and 4 Photos

Stage 1, 2, 3, and 4 photos, videos, results and stories here:

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Spain: 2011 Raid de las Cañadas

El Raid Blog

Saturday February 19, 2011
Photos of the XIX Raid of Las Cañadas in Puerto Real (Cadiz)

Photos by Curro Corral here:

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Bahrain: Junior-Young Rider Endurance Championship

Bahrain: BREEF Endurance Ride Championship FEI CEI Junior-Young Rider 120KM & 85KM Qualifier

Photos by Osama Mohammed here:

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