Saturday, May 02, 2009

2009 Lost Padres

Images by Lynne Glazer

Moving this ride one month earlier in the year was a grand success on all counts, the gorgeous spring setting and cool weather made it a pleasure for all involved from volunteers to riders and horses. Shots are from three places on the course plus horse camping setups. The misty morning with green everywhere you looked, oak studded hillsides and an interesting rock formation that John Parke said was a must-see. I barely beat the riders up that hill, with the camera not even out of its case as they approached, I was still feeling the burn from the degree of elevation on foot. 100% coverage there, with John and Remington bringing up the rear.

Then I hustled to the meadow from last year's shots, only this year there was a huge field of lupines backed up against the hillside. I missed the frontrunners there, and struggled mightily to find a way to shoot blinding midday light and shadows at the same time, but loved sitting in the flowers and inhaling their fragrance. Many commented on how photogenic it was from their perspective looking west at me! When one rider went off course, I let her, because it was the best light in that area. Went back to camp after seeing John again.

A quick lunch thanks to Annie and volunteers and no shots, headed out to the two way trail near Pozo Road. Drove in a few miles but didn't see anything I liked better than nearby the same site I'd used last year. Shot some nice pas de deux from rider pairs who knew despite the "photog ahead" sign they didn't need to split up any more, I think some couples got their holiday card photos from this part. Missed the front runners again but wasn't trying, it's a challenge to shoot in more than one place on an endurance ride anyway, at least to get interesting terrain so that people who have lots of photos of themselves are motivated to get more of them. :D

As usual we dined grandly, had outstandingly accurate maps and a first rider/last rider gate policy on most of the gates, which made it easier for the vertically challenged and those who struggle with gates in general. I stayed until Monday but didn't shoot on the second day, made myself useful in other ways.

Hope you enjoy the pix!


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