Wednesday, March 11, 2020

2020 AERC Convention - Becky Pearman

2020 AERC Convention photos by Becky Pearman:


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simon said...

Becky Pearman's presentation at the 2020 AERC Convention was a standout, offering valuable insights into contemporary issues in endurance riding. Her expertise and engaging delivery captivated the audience, providing a comprehensive overview of the sport's challenges and innovations. Pearman's in-depth analysis of training techniques and horse care left a lasting impression on attendees, emphasizing the importance of equine welfare in endurance competitions. The convention benefited greatly from her expertise, making it a must-attend session for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Becky Pearman's contribution undoubtedly enriched the AERC Convention, contributing to its success as a hub for knowledge exchange in the world of endurance de dui en virginia

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