Tuesday, May 05, 2009

2009 Washoe - Karen Chaton

Story and Ride Photos on Karen’s Musings & Endurance Ride Stuff

Washoe was a great ride, as always! We had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed the trail and getting to see everybody - this is one of the best run rides that I've ever been to! The trail is marked superbly too thanks to Dave Rabe. Plenty of vets, volunteers, water, hay and treats for riders and horses too along with nice awards and dinners.

I think the best part of the ride for me was on the second day on the second loop after having been rained on and wind blown for hours (but getting to change into dry gear at lunch to give it another go on loop #2) being on top of the mountain several thousand feet in the air up among the clouds (which were whizzing by at mach speed) having gigantic tumbleweeds blowing towards us at high speed and stopping to take a photo while Chief stood perfectly still while the fast flying tumbling tumbleweeds flew into us and he stood quietly. The best endurance rides are the ones where something extreme happens whether it be the weather or another situation - that's when you really get to know your horse and I can't say it without meaning it -- there is no horse that I would rather be riding in extreme conditions than Chief. I don't even mind slipping and sliding down slippery hills in the mud with him. Whereas another horse would scare me, with him it's just fun and exciting. I had the best ride ever and I'm so thankful to be able to have these experiences.

Many thanks to Connie, Gina, their family and friends and everybody that helps with this ride - great job (again, as always!). Don't miss it next year if you can help it!



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